Monthly Weather ReviewMonthly Weather Review

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Release : 1984
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The northern and southern cloud bands same area and including part of the main cluster by Warner et al . ( 1980 ) , hereafter referred to as II ; echoes The band containing the Quadra and Vanguard for part of the main cluster and for ...

Australia's Greatest DisastersAustralia's Greatest Disasters

Australia's Greatest Disasters by John Miller
Publisher : Exisle Publishing
Release : 2010-04
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When Southern Cloud departed Mascot in Sydney just after 8am on 21 March 1931 bound for Melbourne it was carrying a forecast of conditions prepared the previous day, so the crew believed the weather would be mainly fine with a wind ...


Uranography by Ezra Otis Kendall
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Release : 1845
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The great black cloud extends from R. A. 185 ° 15 ' to 196 ° 15 ' , and in Dec. from 61 ° to 64 ° south , and it lies on The double the east side of the Southern Cross . small black cloud is in R. A. 160 ° 0 ' , and Dec.

The Photographic NewsThe Photographic News

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If noticed ; a camera was fixed up and carefully focussed in such an exposure the shadows have not received sufficient on the southern cloud , by aid of the local discharges . All light to produce a strongly developable image ...

Numerical AstrophysicsNumerical Astrophysics

Numerical Astrophysics by Shoken M. Miyama
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Release : 2012-12-06
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NGC2024 has a dark lane due to a filamentary molecular cloud running from the north to the south. The filamentary cloud is divided into northern and southern ones by ionized gas. The northern cloud contains far infrared sources, ...