Food, Feminisms, RhetoricsFood, Feminisms, Rhetorics

Food, Feminisms, Rhetorics
Author : Melissa A. Goldthwaite
Publisher : SIU Press
Total Pages : 298
Release : 2017-06-19
ISBN 10 : 9780809335909
ISBN 13 : 0809335905
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Inspired by the need for interpretations and critiques of the varied messages surrounding what and how we eat, Food, Feminisms, Rhetorics collects eighteen essays that demonstrate the importance of food and food-related practices as sites of scholarly study, particularly from feminist rhetorical perspectives. Contributors analyze messages about food and bodies—from what a person watches and reads to where that person shops—taken from sources mundane and literary, personal and cultural. This collection begins with analyses of the historical, cultural, and political implications of cookbooks and recipes; explores definitions of feminist food writing; and ends with a focus on bodies and cultures—both self-representations and representations of others for particular rhetorical purposes. The genres, objects, and practices contributors study are varied—from cookbooks to genre fiction, from blogs to food systems, from product packaging to paintings—but the overall message is the same: food and its associated practices are worthy of scholarly attention.

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